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Privacy Policy

St Paul’s College (the College) necessarily collects your Personal Information in the course of carrying out its role as an independent residential college within the University of Sydney, and related activities including the provision of accommodation and function spaces to other guests. PLEASE READ THIS POLICY to ensure that you are aware of the purposes for which your Personal Information is collected, and may be used or disclosed.

The College respects the privacy of your Personal Information. The College is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

The College may from time to time update and review this Privacy Policy to take account of new laws and technology, changes to the College’s operations and practices.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information is any information, including opinions, about an identified or identifiable individual, whether it is true or not, or recorded in a material form or not.

What kind of Personal Information does the College collect?

The College collects Personal Information, including sensitive information, for the purposes of its core business of providing a residential and academic programme for its student members.

The College also collects Personal Information for the purposes of providing accommodation for other visitors, and for hosting functions and providing function spaces for external events.

The information collected is about residents or potential residents and their parents or guardians, job applicants, staff members, volunteers, alumni, donors, Events and Stays clients, contractors and other people who come into contact with the College.

The Personal Information collected includes, but may not be limited to, names, contact details, date of birth, nationality, gender, medical information, dietary requirements, occupation, qualifications, relationship to residents, academic results, performance and discipline.

The Personal Information is collected in paper or electronic form, by video or digital recordings and photographs.

How is the Personal Information collected?

The information is collected by the College on application forms (for example, for entry to College and for scholarships), enrolment or subscriptions forms for resident or alumni programmes or events, when receiving applications or bookings for provision of sponsorship, donations, grants, conferencing, accommodation and external events, when interviewing or meeting with residents or prospective residents and their parents and guardians, and when recording resident or alumni events held within College or in which residents or alumni participate outside of College.

Personal Information is also collected by the Warden and College officers and staff during the day-to-day administration of the College and during the attendance of residents in the College for the purposes set out below.

Personal Information is also collected by Events and Stays staff members when working with prospective clients and prospective guests.

The College may seek to collect and update Personal Information at the telephone, via the internet, in person and in writing.

Use and disclosure of Personal Information

The College collects, holds, uses and discloses Personal Information for the following purposes:

– processing applications for residence, scholarships, grants, membership of the St Paul’s College Union and other alumni groups, conferences, and accommodation;
– organising College events such as dinners, sporting competitions, reunions and musical events,
– organising and operating aspects of the College such as libraries, tutorials and seminars, worship in the Chapel, the Choir, sporting teams, alumni groups, catering, accommodation, grounds, meeting legal obligations and conducting disciplinary investigations;
– the care of residents’ health and welfare;
– liaising with the University about academic performance, residents’ participation in the University’s activities and student conduct;
– liaising with Sydney University Sport, Intercol and other residential Colleges about joint events and programmes and student conduct;
– communicating with the parents, guardians and families of residents and alumni;
– promoting the College;
– reporting and recording the life of the College, its events and achievements to residents and alumni;
– raising funds and seeking donations;
– publishing the College journals, newsletters, website, Facebook page and Register;
– permitted general or health situations under the Privacy Act;
– academic performance information is used to assess academic progress, retention of a place in College, the granting of awards and scholarships and generic statistical analysis of a depersonalised kind; and
– the administration of the College’s Events and Stays business.

Disclosure to third parties that assist the College in carrying out these functions will be on a confidential basis where reasonable and practicable and subject to the application of the Australian Privacy Principles to those parties.

Personal Information about an individual may be disclosed by the College Officers to lawful authorities outside the College where there is reason to believe that a crime may have been committed, or the College Officers have reason to suspect unlawful activity or misconduct of a serious nature relating to the College’s functions or activities and disclosure is necessary for the College to take appropriate action.


The College stores Personal Information centrally under the control of the Warden and his or her staff in a number of secure databases, paper-based files and other record keeping methods. We have taken steps to ensure protection of Personal Information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access and modification or improper disclosure.

Personal Information about individuals is authorised for use for the purposes for which it was collected by the Warden. The College does not permit access to its databases by third parties for the private or business use of the information.

The College also takes steps to destroy or de-identify information that we no longer require or are no longer required to retain by statute for prescribed periods of time.

We will acknowledge and investigate any complaints about the way Personal Information is managed.

Access to Personal Information

You may apply for access to Personal Information about you held by the College and advise the College of any perceived inaccuracy.

If your personal details change, such as your mailing or email addresses, or telephone number, please contact the College to update your details.

When we become aware that your details have changes we will update them.

To access Personal Information the College holds about you, please contact the College Business Manager, who is the College’s Privacy Officer at louise.hambridge [at] stpauls [dot] edu [dot] au

Sending information overseas

The College may disclose Personal Information about an individual to overseas recipients. This is most likely to occur when providing information about residents or alumni who have applied for positions or scholarships at overseas institutions or employers, or to facilitate exchanges with overseas educational institutions.

The College may also store Personal Information with service providers who store information in overseas servers. The College will take reasonable steps to ensure any service provider engaged to store information on overseas servers is a reputable provider.

Links to third party sites

The College provide links to other sites not operated by the College or its subsidiaries or affiliates and that the privacy policies of those sites may differ from ours. We advise you to check the privacy policies of these websites before disclosing any Personal Information.

The College or its subsidiaries or affiliates are not responsible for any of the contents of those third party sites and any links we may offer does not imply endorsement of the material on such websites or any association with their operators.

Occasionally when linking to another website, you may still see the logo of the College (or its subsidiaries or affiliates), frame, look and feel or page template. This is to provide you with a seamless experience when visiting our website. In these cases you may no longer be on our website and may be on a different website whose information collection practices may differ from ours. The privacy policy of the site you are on will govern how information collected from you is used. You can always know what site you are on by checking the location bar within your browser. Notwithstanding anything in such a website, the College (or its subsidiaries or affiliates) are not liable for any of the contents of that website.


If you have a complaint about our Privacy Policy or the collection, use or disposal or destruction of your Personal Information, your complaint should be directed in the first instance to the College Privacy Officer at louise.hambridge [at] stpauls [dot] edu [dot] au.

We will investigate your complaint and attempt to resolve any breach of the Australian Privacy Principles that might have occurred in accordance with the Privacy Act. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this procedure, then you may request that an independent person (usually the Commonwealth Information Commissioner) investigate your complaint.

Information Technology

Cookies are data that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies can facilitate your ongoing access to and use of a site by remembering information about you at a later time. If you do not want information collected through the use of Cookies, you can disable the Cookie function in your browser. You should note that Cookies may be necessary to provide you with some features on the College website.

The College website may contain links to other sites. The College is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such other sites.

Information about yourself that you disclose by posting it on bulletin boards, chat rooms or Facebook and similar digital media platforms may become public information. If you disclose your Personal Information, or that of other residents and staff, while resident in College or visiting the College for another purpose, the College cannot protect that Personal Information.

The College encourages all residents, staff, and visitors to respect and protect the Personal Information of others.

The College’s Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with its Website General Terms and Conditions, linked here.